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Falk v. Weseler Wald X Anka v. Honigberg
07-28-00 to 08-26-14
Hips: OFA "Excellent" (#GSC-2976E44M-PI)
Heart: OFA "Normal" (#GSC-CA27/66M/C-PI)
Thyroid: Normal 2005
Cerf: Normal (#GSC-411/2006--67)

Max joined our family in August 2003.  As Harry and I have gotten more involved in Schutzhund, we made the decision to add a dog from working lines into our breeding program.  It seems like fate that the opportunity to get Max just happened to come along at this time.  Max was bred by one of the most successful working kennels in Germany.  Four of Max's littermates competed in the 2004 BLSP in Germany and 5 of the top 10 dogs were owned or bred by Hatzbachtal Kennel.  Max's dam finished 3rd out of the 27 dogs entered and was the top female finisher.

Max is an extremely confident dog with intense drives and an incredible work ethic.  There isn't anything this dog wouldn't do for us (or at least try!).  We have been very impressed with how quickly he's acclimated himself into our dog family and bonded with us.  Max passed his Schutzhund B (BH) test in November 2003.  At the 2004 Schnauzer Fest he was awarded an SG1 conformation rating.  Additionally he received a top rating of 3+ for the Korung temperament test (most desirable rating on a scale of 1 to 5).  The Korung tests for courage, stability, and overall soundness of temperament.  In August 2005 Max successfully passed his Schutzhund 1 title, scoring an 83 "Pronounced" in the Protection phase.

We had many years with this incredible dog.  I wish we could live them all over again.

Show/Trial Results
11-2003 - passed BH test
Schnauzer Fest 2004 - passed Korung with ideal rating of +/3
Schnauzer Fest 2004 - awarded conformation rating of SG1 (very good, first in class)
08-06-05 - Pikes Peak Schutzhund and Police Association - passed Schutzhund 1 test
09-02-05 - Passed AKC Canine Good Citizen test with flying colors!

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