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Harry and I have been together since 1985. I was breeding and showing miniature schnauzers when we began dating (and it didn't scare him off!). Six years later we were married and then lived with minis for several years before making the decision to add a large dog to our household. After researching several breeds, the Giant's combination of intelligence, versatility, playfulness, and courage won us over and started us on our journey with these wonderful dogs in our life. I still enjoy competing in conformation and Harry has been spotted in the conformation ring a time or two. We also compete in the sport of Schutzhund and have titled several of our dogs.  Our main focus is developing our dogs' natural abilities.

Whether we're training, competing, or just having fun, the emphasis at Grande Giants is to cultivate our dogs' natural abilities and to pass that on to the next generation by breeding healthy dogs with correct temperaments. The goal at Grande Giants is a total giant schnauzer that can excel in both conformation and performance/working events. Our breeding program strives toward the AKC conformation standard written and approved by the Giant Schnauzer Club of America. Of equal importance to us is a stable temperament with balanced drives and an innate willingness to work for you.

Our dogs are members of the family and we spend a great deal of our time with them. Our puppies are raised in the home with lots of love and attention. They receive early and consistent socialization to give them the best start in life that we can. Our dogs' hips are certified through OFA and we perform regular health testing for thyroid.  Annual eye exams are done by a registered Veterinary Ophthalmologist.  Several of our dogs have now gone through heart certification through OFA as well. All puppies are temperament tested at 7 weeks.  This helps us determine their dominant drives and thus their potential trainability, dominance level, and emotional stability which aids us in placing the right puppy with the right family. To further aid in this process we ask each potential puppy buyer to fill out our questionnaire.  Contact us at to request a copy.  It is our duty as responsible breeders to ensure that each puppy and their new family get the best start possible toward achieving a long, happy, and fulfilling life together.

Giants have a huge capacity for learning and the willingness to fulfill any task you ask of them. If you don't train them, they'll train you. Our training technique capitalizes on using the dog's natural drives as their motivational force.  We work with the dog, not against it, resulting in happy dogs that love to work and please us. Not only does training with your dog give you a well-behaved, valued family member, it also strengthens and deepens the bond between you. We stress the importance of early and consistent training and continuing obedience classes to any future Giant owner. Too many Giants end up in Rescue as a direct result of their lack of training and socialization.

Thank you for your interest in Grande Giants.  For more information contact us at