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Max training

Max coming in for the Hold and Bark

Max training

Max won't back down

Max training

Max holding on for the Escape

Max training

Airborne Max

Max training

Max enjoying his reward.


Max waiting for the next command.

River earning obedience title

River earning her AKC Companion Dog title with Cindy

River on the sleeve

River practicing on the sleeve


River winning Best of Opposite in Sweeps at the 2000 National


River's second major win!

Max in the koerung

Max and Harry during the Korung test at 2004 Schnauzer Fest

Max heeling with Harry

Max and Harry at 2004 Schnauzer Fest

Max with Harry

Max and Harry at 2004 Schnauzer Fest


Brook winning her Puppy Sweeps at the 2003 National


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