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We are Harry and Cindy Wallace, located in beautiful Florissant, Colorado.  We're glad you stopped by so we can share our giant kids with you. 
Our first Giant Schnauzer joined the family in 1998.  Little did we know what impact that addition would have on our lives.  Known as the Riesenschnauzer to the rest of the world, regardless of what you call them we love this breed and enjoy the variety of activities they share with us.  In addition to being beloved family pets, Grande dogs excel in the show ring and performance events such as Schutzhund and competitive obedience.  Several of our dogs are working in the "real world" for Search & Rescue, therapy, and as personal protection dogs. There is no end to what these wonderful, valiant, and versatile dogs can do.  We look forward to many more giant adventures in our future.
Feel free to browse around, and enjoy your visit!


Last Updated November 12, 2015


  • NEW Champion Grande Lovin' Every Minute of It!  Lucy finished of her conformation title with 3 Best of Breed wins and 3 majors.

  • Iva earns her Canine Good Citizen title at the Giant Schnauzer National!

  • NEW Champion Grande Irresistible!  Iva earned her conformation title in just 5 weekends of showing.

  • Jazz "Grande Jazz It Up" is tearing it up in the agility ring.  In the past couple months she and her owner have earned multiple NADAC and AKC titles with many more to come!  Go Jazz and Ricky, you are doing us proud!

  • Hurri is now "Grande Hurricane Chaser CA CGCA RATN".   Hurri recently earned her AKC CGCA (Canine Good Citizen Advanced) title and also completed her Barn Hunt Rat Novice title.  Go Hurri Go!



  • Nina "Ch. Grande Bear Creek Sunrise" has earned her AKC CGC title!

  • NEW Champion Stablemaster's Dark Horse!  Dax finished in just 5 weekends with multiple Best of Breed wins.   At just over 2 years of age Dax is only going to get better.

  • Iva "Grande Irresistible" is having lovely success in the conformation ring.  In just 3 weekends of showing Iva has both of her majors, two singles, and a Best in Bred-by Group win.  Not bad for a hard coated girl with natural ears!

  • Jazz "Grande Jazz It Up" is the first Grande dog to earn a Dock Diving title.  Congratulations to Jazz and her very dedicated owner, Rick Penn!

  • Iva "Grande Irresistible" wins her first points during her debut weekend in Grand Junction, CO.  Going on to win the Working Bred-By-Exhibitor group later that day!

  • Che "Grande Joyful Chiraq of Cherokee" passed her therapy dog certification and is busy making hospital visits.  Way to go Peg and Che!

  • Luke "Grande John Luke" earned his CGC title and is on his way to becoming a therapy dog.  His owner plans to do hospital visits with him.  He is particularly patient with kids and is looking forward to visits in the pediatric center.

  • Che "Grande Joyful Chiraq of Cherokee" earned her BN obedience title as an 8 month old puppy and recently qualified for her CGC with some exceptional comments from the evaluator on what a correct temperament she has.  Way to go Peg and Che!  Early in 2014 they'll be trialing for their Companion Dog title.

  • NEW Ch. Grande Forget-Me-Not!  Faye finished in just a single weekend of shows.  A record for us!  Congratulations also to Mike and Rachael Sundeen.  We are lucky to have such wonderful co-owners.

  • Hurri "Grande Hurricane Chaser" earned her first lure coursing title.  She qualified three out of three tries to earn her CA (Coursing Ability) title.  She will be back to try for more.  She loves it!

  • Grande has their first herding title!  Greely "Grande Frontier Greely" earned his HT (Herding Tested) title in September.  He'll be moving on to the next level soon and in the meantime is working on a carting title.  Way to go Greely and Craig!

  • Announcing our new addition, Stablemaster's Dark Horse.  We imported Dax from Finland in August 2012.  We look forward to many wonderful years with this exceptional dog. 

  • NEW Ch. Grande Formidable!  Fisher finished his championship in style winning Best of Breed over Specials for a 4 point major.  Then he went on to win Breed the next day as well.  Fisher has won 8 of the 12 times he's been shown in regular competition.

  • Jack (Ch. Bear Creek Grande Lilly x Ch. Rus Austershvarc Zone of Fire) born Aug. 2008 was recognized as Outstanding Giant of the Year at the 2012 Giant Schnauzer Club of America National Specialty.  Jack earned his UD (Utility Dog) obedience title and is the first giant schnauzer in the United States to be a Grand Champion with that obedience title. He lives in Delaware and is loved and owned by Bill Algee.  We are so proud of this dog that we co-bred.

  • Connor's son Gator (Bear Creek Florida Gator) was Reserve Winners at the 2012 National Specialty!

  • Congratulations to "Greely" and his owner Craig on passing your first herding instinct test with flying colors!

  • We're very proud of "Halo" Grande Get Off My Halo and her owner Linda for the great progress they're making on their cadaver search training.  Go girls!

  • Grande Formidable "Fisher" wins his first 2 points his first weekend in the show ring at 6 months old!
  • New Champion! "Nina" Grande Bear Creek Sunrise.  Nina finished her AKC championship in Cheyenne, Wyoming, winning a 5 point major and Best of Breed over ranked Specials.  Nina completed her championship with 4 Best of Breed wins from the classes.  We are proud of our girl!
  • "Nina" wins another Best of Breed over specials at the Roaring Forks Kennel Club in Eagle, Colorado.
  • "Nina" wins her second major at the Colorado Springs Kennel Club!
  • "Nina" Grande Bear Creek Sunrise wins her first points by winning Best of Breed over specials 2 of the 4 days at the Beehive Cluster in Utah!  Check out Nina's page for a brand new picture of our girl.
  • Congratulations to Emmi "Grande Ever After" and her owner Karen Bagnall!  Before Emmi has reached her 4th birthday this fantastic team is credited with finding two live subjects, one drowning victim, and a subject who was buried 20 feet underground. What a working girl!
  • New Champion! "Yuri" Bear Creek Yuri ben Ramos finishes at the Rocky Mountain Cluster in Denver.  Grande Kennel co-bred Yuri.  We're very proud of River's great-grandkids!
  • "Nina" Grande Bear Creek Sunrise wins Reserve to a major at her third dog show!
  • November 2008 - "Grady" Ch. Sunar's New Yorker v. Kool passed on to a better place.
  • Congratulations to "Madison", now CH. Grande's Hurricane Madison.  We couldn't be prouder!
  • Newest edition to the family!   Grande Bear Creek Sunrise.  Check out Nina's own page under "Our Family."
  • August 2006 - Congratulations to Emmi "Grande Ever After" and her owner Karen Bagnall, for earning an AKC CGC.  Emmi has also passed her wilderness certification with her SAR group in Washington state.  We're very proud of this great team!
  • June 26, 2006 - "Dax" and "Eleanor" both rated OFA "Good" hips
  • May 5, 2006 - "Madison" wins 2 points at the Utah Beehive Cluster
  • February, 20, 2006 - "Madison" Grande's Hurricane Madison wins a 3-point major at the Rocky Mountain Cluster in Denver!
  • February 19, 2006 - Max and Brook both receive OFA Cardiac "Normal" ratings.
  • January 2006 - Ch. Grande's Fifth Element OFA Hip Rating "Excellent"!
  • November 1, 2005 - "Ryder" Ch. T-Lan's Storm Ryder  passed on to a better place. 
  • September 23, 2005 - Derby "Grande Devil in Disguise" earns her Canine Good Citizen certificate!
  • September 2, 2005 - Max and Brook earn their AKC Canine Good Citizen certificates!
  • August 6 and 7, 2005 - Pikes Peak Schutzhund and Police Association Trial - Max earns his Schutzhund 1 title and Brook passes her BH and earns a Tracking 1 title!



Club Affiliations:

  • Giant Schnauzer Club of America
  • Working Riesenschnauzer Federation
  • American Miniature Schnauzer Club
  • Colorado Springs Kennel Club




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